Angela Sütő was born on 1st January 1979 in Miskolc, in Hungary. At the beginning she was an autodidact and then she learnt painting from János Pataki painter.Very early she developed her own style and her allure ethos. Born to a Hungarian father and a Russian mother, she is comfortable with various cultures.

"Her paintings are special because every item want to express something else. They dont't stand just for themselves. A tree, a path, a figure are all symbols with their own meaning.Her symbolism what arising from her mystical being and her atrabilius inscape is clear for everybody but at the same time give food for thought." - János Pataki painter.

After her winning debut, her exhibitions turned out a success.

"I can't class myself in any style. I don't want to. Everybody see with oneself's eye and feel with oneself's heart. The painter can paint only what in one's own head. I'm painting that what I imagine in a landscape. I'm certain of everybody dream in the nature already, and imagine for exemple how will it be if we suddenly find a nymph in a forester lake.Tales, myths and legends, which see through our life and which from own depths attract us.This world is enchant me too, that's why I often choose this for my theme." - Angela Sütő artist.

Apart from mythical themes, she prepares landscapes.